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Fall, 2015

Are you worried?  Worried about the holidays?  Perhaps about the spooks on Halloween?  Maybe your costume won't be "sexy"enough?  What about Thanksgiving?  Do you even want to see those people?  Was there a time change?  Should you start shopping for Christmas now?  Who will be your date for the New Years eve party?  Ahhhhhh!

Don't worry at all.  Take a deep breath and listen to our new song, Worriless.  We'll discuss the abundance of services available to and from the American consumer.  There are even services to help you find services in case you're no good at finding services.  There are services that will help you provide a service if you want to be a service provider, but aren't any good at that either.  Then, with your new service, you can make money to purchase services from someone else.  So let your worries go, and be served.   

Wait, does anyone make anything anymore.....?  Oh, that's right, The Ensemble does.  So enjoy our newest creation, Worriless, and relax....





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