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February 2015

This month's update is a little late.  We're still in shock that Seattle didn't run Marshawn Lynch to win the Superbowl.  What could they have possibly been thinking?  Then to make it worse, a team from Boston won.  Now all those transplants from Beantown that wandered over here to the west coast will flap those gums even more about how great Boston is, even though they left there to live here.  The situation is so ridiculous that it took us this long to forget about it.  Well...not really.  Football has nothing to do with music, Katy Perry proved that, so the Ensemble moved on easily.  Good thing we spent all of our money on beer instead of betting on the game. 

Since football season is officially over, we're declaring music season.  And it lasts all year long.  New tunes on the way, as always.  Keep checking in and we'll keep 'em coming. 




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