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October, 2014

The sweet Summer days have conceded to Fall.  However, we wouldn't even know if we didn't have a calendar as this heat wave, or global warming or whatever is giving us one of the nicest Summer's we've Fall.  Despite the beauty of the beach and the call of the sea, the Ensemble is ready to embrace the new season ahead. 

Beware the creepy and crawly, and no, I am not referring to the Ensemble after a long night at the bar.  With the shorter days and longer nights, many creatures may be using the cover or darkness to their advantage.  Before picking anyone up (and maybe taking them home), the Ensemble recommends a thorough inspection, perhaps with a flashlight, just to be safe.  At least the warm weather will eliminate the overcoats and other garb used to conceal unsightly proportions, but darkness can still be your enemy.  Unless of course, you are the one using darkness to your advantage...

Regardless, may your quickly shortening days be entertaining.  If not, we'll have some new tunes real soon to help.  And don't fear the spirits you may find wandering, they just want a beer. Until next time, BOO!





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