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With the last few months flying by, it's hard to believe our proverbial trees have added another ring.  Some of you might not even notice as those rings might provide some sort of insulation to withstand the frozen tundra you call home, but not The Ensemble.  We keep it mean and lean.  Yep, we did the Christmas thing.  Some of that New Years stuff too.  We've been watching some football and even had to pull out a sweatshirt to go outside.  We now understand why bears hibernate. Who wouldn't want to after all the recent "weather" poking it's ugly head.  While it might be kinda fun, we're all done.  Done with just about everything, at least for now. 

That is why you should check out our new song, Take a Break.  It might not necessarily be about hibernating, but everyone needs a break now and then to rest.  So you can check out our tunes while your doing it. 

As for us, we'll be in a cave, with a nice sleeping bag, some snacks and a pile of beers in case we get thirsty.  Hibernating sounds nice since there are no cool holidays or super exciting events coming up anytime soon. So wake us up toward the end of February if you haven't heard anything by then.  





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