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August, 2014

Summer is in full swing.  Beautiful sun-shiny days and warm water for all.  Things couldn't be better...

So why does corporate America keep trying to bring us down?  First thing you see at the store these days is: "Back to School", "Football", even Halloween decorations?!?  Not that the Ensemble doesn't like these things, but they belong in Fall.  Let's try to keep our respective seasons separate.  There is still half a Summer to enjoy.  It's probably because with a Summer like this one, a man needs little else besides time to enjoy the season.  Decorations, pencils and miscellaneous knick knacks can wait til mid September. 

So get out there and show those marketing stiffs that we cannot be sold.  Sell your seasonal junk in the appropriate season, cause we're not gonna take it anymore!  No, we'll be at the beach, doing nothing, buying nothing (except beer, that is all-seasonal) and enjoying the rest of the Summer, no matter what their scheme may be.






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