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April, 2014.

Spring is in the air, flowers are growing, bees are buzzing and the bunnies...well, lets just say they are multiplying. I have no idea how that Easter Bunny will have time make and deliver all of those eggs. That is one productive bunny, I wonder if he plays an instrument...

Anyway, the Ensemble is gearing up for Summer. While stocking up on sunscreen and shades, we did have time to put together a new tune for your enjoyment. Check out Share This Day. Even if you're stuck somewhere waiting for the snow to melt, your ears will be in the Tropics, enjoying a cocktail with an umbrella in it. Hopefully Summer comes sooner than later, and tropical drinks would be the only reason to have an umbrella.


There is a lot going on in the studio these days, so keep checking in to see what is next.  




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