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January 2015

Another year, another beer.  And so the Ensemble has survived half way through the 2010's.  With many new years comes new years resolutions.  However, our last resolution was to never do another resolution, and we're sticking by it.  When you think about it, a resolution really isn't anything anyway.  It's a statement that says you intend on doing something, or not doing something, or changing something (you get the point) and while the Ensemble makes lot's of statements, we make them by doing something.  In this case, we make them by rocking out in the studio and bringing our sound to whoever is cool enough to listen.  

So do yourself a favor, and all the people who would roll their eyes when you share your ridiculous "New Years Resolution" that everyone knows you aren't going to keep.  Get out there and do something.  Make it a "New Years Something" instead. You'll be a lot happier and a lot less disappointed when don't live up to what you SAID you were going to do. 

Remember, talk is cheap, but you can still mark our words.  "Look out 2015, cause the Ensemble is coming hard and bringing everything we got."  We aren't gonna say what we're gonna do, we just do it.  So keep tuning in to see what's up. 




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